Your 5-Point Guide To Positive Thinking

Between the daily grind, pandemic news, and the pressure to be on top of your game at work and in your personal life, it can be hard to stay positive. Here are 5 tried and tested techniques you should try.

Keep A Gratitude Journal

FACT: Writing down what you are grateful for can boost your sense of well-being and optimism.

According to research, those who journal tend to have fewer physical complaints and are generally more upbeat.

Set aside 10-15 minutes every day and use prompts like work, family, daily routine to get your thoughts flowing. Not every item on your list has to be monumental – add even small things you take for granted but are thankful for.

Bring Laughter And Humor Into Your Life

FACT: Having a good laugh boosts your mood and eases anxiety and stress.

Be around happy people and positive thinkers. Laughter may also come in the form of something funny you read or watch, so make time to watch your favorite comedy show or those goofy memes. Try and keep a sense of humor about difficult situations to cope with them better.

Give The Negative Elements A Makeover

FACT: Negative thinking can foster anger and anxiety, which in turn are linked to health problems like high blood pressure, digestive ailments, and an impaired immune system.

Identify the areas of your life that are responsible for most of your negative thoughts. Could be work, personal life, living conditions, family, or friends. Then try and take proactive steps to make a change in that area. A counsellor, a life coach, or a business coach can help if you feel it is beyond you.

Indulge In Positive Self-Talk

FACT: If you are in a positive or optimistic state of mind, you can tackle day-to-day challenges more constructively.

Keep your negativity radar on – When you think negatively about yourself, ask yourself: would you have said that about anyone else?

Switch from negative self-talk like “I have no idea how to do this” to “What can I learn to help me do this?” or “What do I know about this so far?.” Switch from “No one keeps me in the loop” to “How can I get them to keep me informed?.”

Don’t Try To Be Wonder Woman

FACT! Did you know more women in India suffer from anxiety and depression than men?

This one is specially for the ladies ! Women often try to live up to their ideal image of someone who can juggle it all. Here are some things to try, instead:

  • Share the load with your partner/roommate/family.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others, be it a friend, a peer, a colleague and feel you fall short. Find your own pace, find your own happy space!
  • Don’t try and solve all your problems alone. Lean on friends, family, or get professional help when needed. As one expert noted, fewer women ask for help or get treated for mental health issues than men. Change that!

With these changes, you should be able to bring that ray of positivity into your life. Stay happy!