5 Tips To Beat Burnout As You Work From Home

Juggling intermittent lockdowns, home chores and work deadlines, and pandemic anxiety can wear anyone down. If you work from home, here is what you can do to stay productive and avoid burnout.

Draw Up Boundaries

Use physical demarcators to switch from home to work mode. Change out of your PJs, spruce yourself up a bit, and move to a designated workspace. If you tend to start (or end) your office day with a cuppa, keep up the ritual at home too.

Set time boundaries as well – it does not have to be a conventional 9 to 5 but create a schedule, keep your team informed about your timelines, and stick to it as much as possible.

Share The Backstory

Instead of bottling it up, keep others informed of specific challenges or commitments. Let colleagues know about online school hours you need to monitor or eldercare duties. Give family a heads-up about critical work calls.

Find Happy Spots

Zero in on a few nooks in your home that can be your “unwind” zone – could be a comfy wing chair in your bedroom, a stool at your breakfast counter, or a bench in your balcony. Cozy it up with some plants, knick-knacks, or a diffuser.

Retreat to this spot whenever you feel like a breather. Your mind will learn to take the cue and loosen up when you are in this place.

Try Some Fist Power

Help your mind fight growing tension by clenching and unclenching your fist. Sportspeople often use this technique to stay grounded in tough situations.

Clench your fist till you feel your muscles tense, count till 5 or 10, and then unclench your fist slowly. Do this at a rhythmic pace, focusing on the action till you feel the stress drain away.

Earmark “Me” Time

Carve out some exclusive time for yourself – yup, actually type it into your scheduler! Work out, read, take a walk, or listen to music. A happier, calmer you will be the default outcome.