Give Your Hands A Break With These 5 Steps!

Whether you are tapping away at the keyboard or chopping or mopping, your hands have gotten busier for sure. Give your five-fingered friends a break with these simple exercises!

Stretching your arms and fingers helps increase your range of motion and relieve pain. However, be sure not to push yourself – stop if it hurts.

Squish Away The Stress

Relax both the wrist and the palm by squishing a smiley stress ball – squeeze tightly, hold for about 5 seconds and release. Repeat this at least 10 times. You can use any squeezable toy or even some clay if you do not have a ball handy.

Do A Finger Stretch

Lay your palm flat on a table and stretch each finger out. Imagine there is a hook pulling at the fingertip and keep up the tension for a few seconds. Relax each finger in succession. Repeat 5 more times.

Extend Your Thumbs

With the palm placed down flat on a surface, move the thumb away from the palm. Hold for a few seconds andd then bring it back next to the palm. Repeat 4–5 times.

Flex Those Thumbs

Start with your palm wide open, representing the number 5. Fold in the thumb, moving it as much as you can, to represent a number 4. Hold for a few seconds and release. Repeat 5 times, pushing the thumb a little further each time.

Try Some Water Therapy

If your hands are feeling stiff or sore, run warm water over them to relax the muscles before you work them out. You could also fill a small basin with warm water and add a table spoon of salt and soak your hands in it. This will also ease any pain or discomfort.