Stress and Diabetes: Break This Relationship Before It’s Too Late! 

You may be doing heaps to fix your diet and fitness regimen to battle diabetes or related problems, but stress could undo the good work. On the other hand, having to cope with diabetes might put you on edge and leave you stressed out (and prone to further problems). It’s time to break that vicious cycle. And it’s easier than you’d think.   

Your Body And Stress: The Faceoff 

When you stress out, your body produces certain hormones that also raise blood sugar levels. To top it off, if you forget to take your medicines or are negligent about your diet or fitness because you are stressed, that’s going to add up too. The spike in glucose levels can be a constant affair if your stress lingers and is chronic.  

From migraines to weight gain, your body also begins to show cracks in more ways than one. If you’re living with constant stress you’re more likely to develop one or more of these health niggles, aside from issues controlling your blood sugar.  

Stress-Related Health Problems You’d Want To Avoid 

Break The Link: 10 Quick Tips To Control Stress

“Relaxing” and “not stressing out” are easier said than done. That’s why we’re here to help you figure out simple practical ways to do that. The good thing is these coping techniques and tips will help whether your stress is the result of diabetes or other diabetes-linked complications.  

  • Identify your stress triggers and see what you can do to fix the problem. For instance:    
  • Are late-night work emails leaving you frustrated? Make a rule to avoid checking mail after a certain cut-off time or plan some de-stressor for after.  
  • Is mealtime stressful because you can’t have your favorite foods? Ask your nutritionist about cheat meals or indulging in some foods once in a way. Find alternatives that work.  
  • Stick with your diet but plan ahead. Planning a menu after a long day can be stressful. If you use your weekends to chalk out menus and stock up on the right supplies, it can take the pressure off things during the week. Rope in family to help. 
  • Sleep well. Getting adequate rest is critical if you want to beat stress. Have a bedtime schedule that works for you. It could involve a warm bath, some gentle music, dim lighting, a little reading.   
  • Cut caffeine and alcohol intake and cut down or cut out smoking. They are not doing your body any favors and can worsen diabetes-related issues.  
  • Exercise! Not only is it good for your body’s ability to regulate sugar levels better, but exercise is also a great stress-buster. Just pick some form of exercise you enjoy – even dancing or swimming can be great. Take up a team sport if that’s more fun.   
  • Learn relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing, Tai Chi or yoga to help calm your mind.   
  • Schedule some unwinding sessions regularly. Get a massage or hit the spa. Use aroma oils at home – they can calm the mind.  
  • Make time to do the things you love. Whether it’s signing up for an art class or watching a play, make time for activities you like. 
  • Make time to meet your friends and family and socialize. Having someone to talk to makes a world of difference!  
  • If you really need to speak to someone who can understand your problem, join a support group or reach out to a counselor.  


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