Smoking & COVID-19: The Triple Threat You Need To Avoid

If you are a smoker, you’ve heard about all the health risks and why you should quit. The current COVID-19 pandemic, however, brings a new layer of concerns and risks for smokers. Here’s what you should know.  

#1. Increased Transmission Risk 

  • Smoking requires you to bring your hands to your lips on multiple occasions and this increases the chances of virus transfer from your fingers or contaminated cigarettes into your body.  
  • If you smoke a Middle Eastern style hookah or water pipe, there is an added concern of transmission via the shared mouthpiece and hose.  

#2. Elevated Risk of Lung Problems 

  • If you have any problems that reduce your body’s ability to use oxygen properly or your body has increased oxygen needs, you have a higher risk for lung-related complications like pneumonia.  
  • Many smokers have reduced lung capacity and some have pre-existing lung disease and this raises the risk of serious illness. 

#3. Adverse Effect On Heart Health 

COVID-19 is known to affect not just the lungs but also stress the cardiovascular system. Smoking, in turn, increases the risk of heart and circulatory diseases. 

Why This May Be A Good Time To Quit Smoking 

Whether you’ve toyed with the idea in the past or not, this is a good time to try to quit smoking. Consider these:

  • Even if you’ve been a long-time smoker, quitting immediately reduces the risk of heart/circulatory diseases.  
  • Your blood pressure and heart rate come down to normal 20 minutes after you smoke that last cigarette.
  • In 2-3 months your lung function and breathing improve. And in a year your risk of heart attack is half that of a smoker. Try now!