5 Shortcuts To Heart-Healthy Eating

Are you finding it challenging to keep your diet on track while juggling work and the added hassles from precautions against COVID-19? These 5 food hacks have you covered!

1. Swap!

Make these smart food swaps to eat for your heart health in the pandemic.

2. Add Healthy Crunch

Having soft or steamed food with the same texture isn’t sustainable for everyone. But you can choose healthier ways to add crunch. Use roasted nuts, seeds, or toasted oats to add some crumble and crunch to your stewed fruit desserts, oatmeal porridge, and salads.

3. Pre-Measure Ingredients

With the added workload that’s come with the pandemic, you may not have time to measure out quantities of fat and fiber at each meal. Simplify it by organizing your pantry and pre-measuring things.

For instance, based on your daily allowance for fats, measure out your oil and use no more than this. For fiber intake, if you are adding seeds or bran, keep that ready and measured and ensure it’s all been used by the end of the day.

4. Plan Your Meals

Plan for the week so you don’t order in or reach out for instant noodles at the end of a long day. Ensure you’ve stocked your pantry as well. You can change things up between days, but having a broad plan helps.

5. Discover Plant-Based Eating

  • Make sure you have something made from fresh produce on the table at each meal, including snack time.
  • Get your protein not just from eggs, meat, and dairy but also from daal and nuts.
  • If you’ve eaten a heavily meat-based diet, take baby steps by introducing vegetables into familiar dishes, like brinjal and broccoli in your Thai chicken curry or a light stir-fry of heart-healthy beetroot or cruciferous veggies with your kebabs and curries.

With these 5 simple food hacks, you’ll soon be eating healthier. Bon Appétit!