Safety Tips For Travel In The COVID Era

Whether it is family needs, social calls, or work trips, travel is back on the cards for many people. Here are 7 practical pointers to keep you as safe as possible on your journeys in this post-COVID world.

1. Plan Ahead

The key to travel in a post-COVID world is to be prepared. Don’t try and wing it as you go.

2. Gear Up

On the day of your journey, make sure you have all that you need, including:

*As required by state or airline

3. Be Antisocial

At the airport/station and onboard the aircraft, train, or bus:

  • Avoid talking to people outside your travel group.
  • Find seats far away from everyone else while you wait or just walk around and find a less crowded spot.
  • Once you’ve boarded, find your pre-selected seat and read a book, take a nap, or watch something on your device. Avoid entertainment material provided on board.

4. Eat & Drink Smart

For short journeys, it is best to avoid eating or drinking on the journey as it will mean removing the mask alongside other unmasked people who are also eating/drinking inches away from you. Instead, pack a snack that you can have once you are off the plane/train/bus in your private vehicle or in an open space.

For long journeys, try and stagger when you eat (with your co-passengers nearby) so that you are not all unmasked simultaneously.

5. Use The Washroom Safely

  • Try and find a less frequented washroom even if it is further away from where you are sitting/boarding.
  • Do not remove your mask or handle it while in the washroom. Others may have done the same.
  • Wash your hands well and sanitize after closing the tap as they may also be contaminated.
  • Sanitize again using a hand sanitizer after exiting if you need to open/close doors on your way out.

6. Check Latest Regulations!

Read up and check on the latest e-pass requirements – some restrictions may still be in place and states may reinstate the curbs as numbers spike from time to time. Some places require COVID-negative test results that are no more than 48 hours old.

7. Isolate & Get Tested

If you are travelling back to family after a work/leisure trip, it is a good idea to isolate yourself for a quarantine period – especially if you have a high-risk family member at home. In case of any symptoms, get tested and isolate till your results come back negative.