Post-Lockdown Food Hacks For Hassle-Free Eating

As we return to offices minus the support system of help, limited take-out, and no restaurant outings, we need to get smarter about how we cook and eat. Here are some hacks to help you eat healthy without letting mealtimes take over your day!

Keep Your Food Nutritious But Quick!

  • Make a menu plan so you don’t waste time about what to cook every day
  • Get groceries once a fortnight, fruit/vegetables once a week.
  • Switch to one-pot meals like pulao, biryani, pasta, or curries which contain both vegetables and a protein source.
  • Prepare vegetables in advance.
  • Marinade and freeze meat/chicken/fish.
  • Freeze cooked meals in portions 
  • Make a large batch of gravy/sauces/chutneys and bottle them.
  • Eat healthy for your immunity:
    • Fresh fruits & veggies
    • Whole grains & legumes
    • Healthy fats – fatty fish, nuts, seeds, avocados
    • Probiotics – fermented foods like idli, yogurt, kimchi

If You Can’t Avoid Eating Out

If eating out is unavoidable, do it safely:

  • Strictly avoid eating uncooked food from vendors. No fruit juice, ice, water, fresh-cut vegetables/chaat/salads from vendors.
  • Don’t share partly eaten food with colleagues at work/friends. If you must share, do this before any of you begin eating and only if you’re very sure the food has been prepared and handled by someone who isn’t infected.
  • Eat out/order-in safely. If you have to dine out/order in, carry your own cutlery, steel straws, and disposable plates if need be. Transfer the cooked food to your own containers and throw out the restaurant packages. Sanitize/wash your hands before you eat.
  • Stick to reliable eateries with high hygiene standards.