Give Your Immunity A Leg Up

With festivities, flu season, and COVID-19, the last quarter of 2020 is going to be a mixed bag. Keeping your body fighting fit is crucial as ever and these 4 immunity boosting allies are going to help you do just that.

1. Pep Up Immunity With Zinc

Zinc builds the body’s immunity, helps it heal and recover faster, and keeps infections at bay. Give yourself a zinc boost with eggs, legumes, a variety of seeds, nuts, dairy products, whole grains, and veggies like potatoes, green beans, and kale.

Red meat, poultry, shellfish are also good sources.

2. Rope In Some “C”

We all know vitamin C can help ward off cough and cold. This wonder vitamin is also a general immune system booster, apart from supporting cardiovascular health and helping better absorb iron from food. Add some C to your meals every day.

Apart from orange, lemon, and mosambi, have guava, mango (especially raw ones), kiwi, papaya, and broccoli. Red and yellow bell peppers are also a good source.

#3 Power Up With Selenium

Antioxidant selenium can help boost immunity by keeping the body’s core functions in order. It is commonly found in whole grains, dairy (milk, paneer, cheese), eggs, mushrooms, seafood (yellow fin tuna, prawns, sardines, clams), Brazil nuts and meat. Time to make that casserole!

4 Round It Up With A Dollop of Goodness

Ghee and coconut oil may be high in saturated fats but incorporating some in your everyday diet can boost your immunity and have an antioxidant effect. Just be sure to have in moderation and watch your overall fat intake.