Festive Smarts: Stay Safe & Have Fun!

If you feel like ringing in the festivals in the coming weeks with friends and family or are making up for last year with a good celebration, here’s how you can do it safely.

Don’t Let Down Your Guard

While COVID-19 seems to have been contained in many parts of the country, it is still spiking in pockets. It may be too soon to let down our guard – as we learnt the hard way in the second wave.

Continue with COVID safety norms like masking and social distancing as well as sanitizing hands and practicing respiratory hygiene. Some people may still not be comfortable to attend a function, so don’t take it personally if they turn down the invite.

Keep Gatherings Small

The fewer the people, the lower the risk. Use this thumb rule while making plans.

You could choose to have multiple smaller groups meeting rather than one very large group. That way if one person turns out to have COVID-19 later, fewer people will have been exposed.

Meet Outdoors Rather Than Indoors

Host your get-togethers on terraces, rooftops, or at open-air venues. Make the most of the gorgeous cool weather after the monsoons and have outdoor events.


If you intend to go on a weekend getaway or attend a multi-day celebration with one or more people who don’t live with you, you may want to play it safe and get tested before meeting.

If it is your event, you can request guests to get tested before the meet-up or even suggest home tests for COVID-19. Kits are inexpensive and available readily online and offline; results are ready in 15 minutes so you can test guests as they arrive.

If any of these hold true you may wish to suggest testing. The more ticks, the more the risk.

  • If anyone who is not vaccinated (including children) is attending
  • If high-risk individuals who are at risk of severe infection are going to be present
  • If any guests have been actively socializing before the event
  • If any guests have been traveling recently or are traveling outstation for the event
  • If any guests have been working from their offices
  • If anyone has been exposed to someone who could be COVID-19 positive

With the right prep and a little of care, your festivities can stay safe and hassle free. Enjoy the season!