Eye Care Tips To Fight Screen Fatigue

With endless computer hours at work, leisure time on our devices, and communication that demands even more screen time, going screen-free has become near impossible. So how do you ensure your eyes don’t bear the brunt of the heavy screen usage?

We’ve rounded up some easy to remember dos and don’ts.

Do Place Your Computer At The Right Place

Basics first! Ensure the screen is 4 to 5 inches below eye level and at a minimum distance of around 20-28 inches from your face.

Don’t Forget To Blink

We blink just 5-7 times a minute while on a screen versus 15 times a minute normally. You need to blink more to ensure your eyes get the moisture they need and don’t experience dryness .

Do Refresh Your Eyes

Use a humidifier to keep the moisture in the room at healthy levels if it is overly dry. Consider using unmedicated artificial tears/eye drops to use in your eyes if they feel dry.

Do Give Your Eyes A Break

Ensure you take mini-breaks during the workday, even on video conference calls. You can blink or look down at your table or close your eyes for a few seconds now and then.

Eye doctors and experts swear by the “20-20-20” rule. Every 20 minutes, for about 20 seconds (more if you can manage), gaze at something that’s a minimum of 20 feet away from you.

Do Get The Right Glasses

If you require glasses, be sure to always switch to the ones you need for screen usage. Not doing so can strain the eyes. You may require special lenses designed specifically for use while working on digital screens.

Do Fix The Lighting

Not having enough light or having overly bright or harsh light can both be bad. Always ensure the light source is behind you . Remember to adjust the brightness on the screen itself and use a larger display font size to reduce strain.

Do Find Non-Visual Ways To Unwind

Go for a walk, do a workout at home, listen to music, or just call a friend or family member on an audio call. These are all ways to give your eyes a rest.

Staring at the television or browsing the net or social media on your phone or laptop isn’t a break for the eyes.

Don’t Skip Your Eye Check-Ups

An eye check-up is a simple, painless, and quick process. However, like many other routine checks, we’ve had to put them off due to COVID-19.

Get your eyes checked again routinely to spot problems like short sight, dry eyes, or even glaucoma promptly. Left untreated, they may cause other issues like headaches or make it hard to read.