Don’t Let Your Liver Take A Hit During The Pandemic

The pandemic may be taxing your liver in ways you didn’t realize – we show you 5 ways to keep up good liver health.

#1. Eat A Healthy Balanced Diet

  • Stick to whole grain carbs, befriend pulses/beans, and get your protein from sources like low-fat dairy, eggs, and lean protein.
  • Bump up fiber intake with nuts and seeds scattered over meals and added to smoothies.
  • Eat at least 5 servings of fresh vegetables and fruit throughout the day.
  • Avoid overeating at some meals and skipping others as this can strain your liver.
  • Stay hydrated, drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily.
  • Avoid overloading your body with nutritional supplements, herbal and otherwise. Instead get your immunity from fresh and simple everyday ingredients and home-cooked meals.

#2. Protect Against Exposure To Toxins

Your liver not only deals with what you eat, but also what you inhale and what your skin comes in contact with. Keep your home well ventilated.

Avoid using strong chemical cleaners or wear strong masks and gloves while handling paints, fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides in the home.

#3. Exercise Regularly

Physical exercise is known to help improve fatty liver disease. It can help lower hepatic fat content by improving your insulin resistance, boost liver fatty acid metabolism, and support liver function.

#4. Go Easy On Alcohol & Avoid Drugs

Consuming excessive alcohol is a known cause of liver damage. Drink alcohol in moderation or avoid intake if you are at high risk of liver disease. Steer clear of illicit drug usage.

#5. Get Regular Liver Health Checks

Make liver function tests a part of routine preventive health checks. These tests involve simple blood samples that can be drawn even at home, making it sustainable even in the pandemic.