Diabetes & Depression: The Connection You Need To Know

    Did you know that on average 1 in 5 Indians with diabetes have also been diagnosed with depression? And that’s among those who did mental health checks. Countless others go undiagnosed.  

    With the close connection between these two conditions, it is important to catch the problem early to ensure your diabetes treatment doesn’t slip as a result of untreated depression. 

    Diabetes And Depression: The Link  

    The bidirectional relationship between these two conditions is now widely discussed. Having a chronic disease elevates your risk of developing depression and depression itself tends to bring on stress-triggered problems, impairs your ability to manage your health, and can even interfere with diabetes management. Some studies suggest that having diabetes makes you twice as likely to develop depression than someone without the condition. 

    How Depression Can Affect Diabetes Management 

    If you develop depression, it can hamper your glycemic control and management of diabetes since you are unable to think clearly, may feel overwhelmed by the constant monitoring you need to do, and might also lose motivation to exercise, follow a diet, or take medication correctly.  

    Overlapping Symptoms 

    There are some overlapping symptoms between both diabetes and depression and this can make it easy to overlook one and dismiss them as symptoms of just the condition you are already diagnosed with. These include: 

    • Weight loss 
    • Tiredness 
    • Sleeping excessively 

    Get Diagnosed! 

    Whether you’re suffering from depression or are diabetic, it is important to get routine checks for the other condition from time to time. If diagnosed, you will be able to get timely support to beneficial results on your glycemic control as well as mood and mental health1. This may include behavioral therapy, access to support groups, psychotherapy, and a collaborative approach to treatment.