Your 5 Mantras To Stay Safe & Calm During The Surge

With the alarming COVID-19 wave sweeping across India, it can be hard to “keep calm and carry on.” But it is doable if you break it down into simple day-to-day things that are in your control. Here are 5 mantras recommended by healthcare experts to keep you going.

1. Learn the NEW Masking Rule: N95 Masks Or Double Mask

Your number 1 defence against COVID-19 if you are interacting with anyone, even if it is for a brief minute at your front door, is to mask, mask, mask more robustly.

If an N95 mask is not available, go with double masking, using a surgical mask with a cloth mask placed over it to secure it for a snug fit.

2. Sign Up For Your Vaccine Shot

Since May 1 anyone over 18 is eligible for the COVID-19 shot. Register as soon as appointments open on the CoWIN app or website.

At this point, all the available vaccines protect to a very high degree against serious illness or death from COVID-19. So take whatever shot you can as soon as you have access to it. While vaccine availability and shortages are points of concern right now, things should become clearer in some days’ time.

3. Avoid Going Out Unless Essential

  • Don’t take the “essential” travel advisory lightly. Even if there are no restrictions on travel in your state or city, avoid going out unless it is unavoidable.
  • Strictly avoid any kind of social engagements/gatherings, even with just a few people you know well. The number of asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers is high so those around you could be infected and you would never know.
  • Equally, if you suspect you have been exposed, even if you have no symptoms yet, monitor your vitals and take necessary precautions. Keep an oximeter to check oxygen saturation levels daily and get tested if any symptoms crop up. Isolate during this entire period.

4. Build Up Immune Health

Work on building your immunity and reduce the risk of other illnesses by keeping up a healthy lifestyle.

  • Sleep for 7-9 hours daily, sticking to a general routine and going to bed around the same time.
  • Stay hydrated and eat smart to boost your immunity. Find detailed pointers here.
  • Expose yourself to sunshine every morning for 15 minutes, getting it either on your balcony or any open space around your home – vitamin D levels can improve immune response.
  • Try and do some physical activity indoors – yoga, aerobics, or body-weight exercises can be done even within the confines of a single room.

5. Keep Tabs On Your Mental Health As Well

It is easy to let the pandemic raging outside your door get to you. Find things to keep yourself positive. If you are very stressed or are processing grief from the loss of someone you know, reach out to a counselor online for more help.

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