Revisiting COVID-19 Guidelines To Protect Yourself

As we face a fresh and relentless surge, do you know the latest guidelines to protect yourself from the virus?

What Has Changed Since The First Two Waves

While basic precautions shared last year remain unchanged, some modifications have emerged based on research. For instance, transmission through food has been virtually ruled out, with no known cases. Here is a snapshot of other updates:

How Do You Stay Safe?

A quick reminder of the most important features of COVID-19 safety this year:

What If You Have Been Exposed?

Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, there may be a momentary lapse in your safety net. Or someone may unwittingly have come in close contact before they realized they were COVID positive. In these cases:

  1. Isolate immediately, even within your home, if you suspect you have been exposed.
  2. Test yourself if you experience any symptoms at all.
  3. Start to monitor vitals. Periodically check SpO2/oxygen levels with oximeter, temperature with thermometer, blood sugar/blood pressure with home machines if you have pre-existing issues.
  4. Consult a doctor online if you develop symptoms while waiting for your test result.