Control Hypertension With A 30-Minute Workout

Did you know exercise can be as effective as some BP drugs in lowering blood pressure? Knock your systolic blood pressure down by 4 to 9 mm Hg by just working some physical activity into your routine every day. As little as 30 minutes can help.  

Strapped for time? Even 3 bursts of 10 minutes of working out could do the trick. It will also help keep your weight in check – being overweight is another reason for high BP. That’s twice the bang for your workout!

So, how do you get started?

6 Easy Ways To Build Exercise Into Your Routine

Work these aerobic activities into your routine with minimal effort: 

1. Take the stairs instead of the lift at home, the office, the mall, and everywhere you go. 

2. Walk – briskly (this is key!) – to the market to run errands instead of driving or taking an auto/cab. 

3. Start playing a sport with a friend – team games like football are active aerobic exercise, but a simple game of badminton can be great too! 

4. Make use of the clubhouse in your area or sign up to use a public swimming pool – it is also a great way too cool off and destress! Do laps and don’t “just chill.” 

5. Go dancing or just turn up the volume on your favorite tunes at home as you dance 30 minutes away. It won’t even feel like a task!

6. Cycling, walking, running, or jogging can work wonders, too, so mix it up.  

Bonus Tip! Get a fitness tracker and watch your “active minutes,” not just your step count. This measures the activity level that really counts toward your health. 

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