7 Tips To Plan Your Shopping Trips & Outings

Festivals are a time for outings and shopping trips – for new clothes, home decor, and festive eats. While your best bet this year is to shop online (yes, do it virtually!), keep these pointers in mind if you have to step out.

Keep a fixed time limit to reduce your exposure to other people in cramped indoor shop spaces. In general, the smaller the shop and less ventilated, the shorter the time should be.  

Wear a proper well-fitted mask at all times while out. Sanitize your hands after you leave a shop after handling products, touching surfaces etc. 

Shop at an off-peak time. Early mornings as soon as the store opens is usually better than evenings when crowds surge.

Have a list of things you need to buy at each store
to avoid aimless wandering. 

Skip the browsing this year. Or allow for 5 mins and no more.  

Carry your own bag for the things you buy. A washable reusable cloth bag can be tossed in the laundry after the shopping trip.

Avoid pit-stops and lingering at your favorite eateries while you are out this year. Instead, pack the food and bring it home to enjoy.

With the right prep and a little of care, your outings can stay safe and hassle free. Enjoy the festive season!