6 Surprising Goals For The New Year

COVID-19 dominated much of 2020, but it’s a brand new year and it is time to move on! Start 2021 on the right foot with these 6 must-have health and wellness goals.

1. Stop Hiding In – Head Out!

Your mind and body need a refresh and a reset after all you’ve been through in the year gone by. There’s nothing like exercising in your nearest green patch to soothe the mind, wash away stress, and get fit.

Go cycling, do yoga in a park or garden, take walks or join a runners club for a socially distanced workout. As the Centers for Disease Control point out, outdoor spaces are less risky for transmission than indoor ones. Your body could do with a Vitamin D boost too!

2. Spend Time On Your Phone…

…No, not endlessly browsing! Hunt down apps that will remind you to drink water, prompt you to get up, walk, and stretch, track steps you’ve walked. Apps could even warn you if you’ve spent too much time binge watching or browsing!

3. Kick Those Bad Habits With A Calculator(Yes, Really!)

If you want to quit or cut back on cigarettes, alcohol, junk food, or sweets, money can sometimes be a motivator. Track each pack not smoked or each bottle not drunk and add up the money saved.

Allow yourself treats like a new outfit or book from the savings or just watch the kitty grow! Such tangible reminders can help immensely when a craving strikes

4. Eat More

Instead of dieting or depriving yourself, eat more of what’s good for you in a wholesome balanced diet. This also helps boost your immune system health.

  • Eat fresh produce that is in season.
  • Stock up on nuts, seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables and snack on them instead of packaged food.
  • Toss out the refined flour and explore wholegrains for greater variety and nutrition.
  • Enjoy more seafood, seeds, nuts rich in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Use more inflammation-fighting foods and spices like ginger, turmeric, pepper, ajwain(carom seeds) to amp up your meals.

5. Sleep More

Make sleep a priority in 2021, getting in 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. Insomnia, sleep disorders, and disrupted sleep patterns can also impair normal functioning of the immune system, so there’s plenty of reasons to get some proper shut-eye every night.

6. Get In The Right Frame Of Mind

The pandemic, illness, personal loss, daily struggles, and even job losses have put pressure on all of us, triggering a lot of anxiety and stress. Do things to nurture your mind this year.

Try relaxation exercises or meditation even if you haven’t before. Call friends, colleagues, family members more often. Indulge in long-lost hobbies and interests. Allow yourself guilty pleasures once in a way – whether that’s a masala movie, eating ice cream for no reason, or buying yourself an outfit.