5 Festive Treats That You Can Enjoy Guilt Free

Celebrations and festivals bring us together over memorable meals, mithais and snacks. This festive season, here’s how you can cut back on the calories and richness without compromising on deliciousness!!

Health-conscious friends and family will appreciate energy bars or protein balls shaped as laddoos. Mix and match flavors for these sweet treats that aren’t sinful!

Treat people to take-home jars of homemade nut butters that are packed with goodness and taste delicious. Whip up your own at home using peanuts, almonds, or cashews with a hint of cocoa or spice to taste. Pop a ribbon around each bottle or paint the jars to make them look festive.

Ancient grains are making a comeback and how! Like new-age chefs and foodies, you too can experiment with traditional Indian grains that are loaded with fiber and great for your body. Think Maharashtrian gavachi kheer (using cracked whole wheat), vrat kheer (using barnyard millets), or even quinoa kheer. Add in fresh fruit before serving.

Cut the oil used to prepare traditional savouries like sundal. Toast spices, boil and steam where possible instead of frying, and enjoy a variety of flavors with freshly made chutneys or tempering. Add zing to bhel with fresh green chillies, raw mango, a squeeze of lime, a splash of tamarind water, or green chutneys.

Many traditionally fried foods lend themselves well to baking or air-frying with minimal oil. Use wholewheat or multigrain atta or alternative grains to make their casing, too.

Focus on creating a variety of fillings loaded with lean protein, vegetables, and lots of herbs and spices for extra deliciousness. No one will notice they’re baked, not fried.

Get creative and indulge your tummy with these. It’ll be worth it, we promise!