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Owning 2022: 5 Mental Health Habits For The New Year

As exciting as a new year can be, it can also bring with it feelings of fear and even dread as new COVID-19 variants mess up our...

8 Self-Care Ideas To Wrap Up The Year!

As the year winds down, all of us deserve to take a breath and hit pause on pandemic worries (just go away, omicron). Whether you are gearing up for holidays, travel,...

5 Festive Treats That You Can Enjoy Guilt Free

Celebrations and festivals bring us together over memorable meals, mithais and snacks. This festive season, here's how you can cut back on the calories and richness without compromising on deliciousness!!

Festive Smarts: Stay Safe & Have Fun!

If you feel like ringing in the festivals in the coming weeks with friends and family or are making up for last year with a good celebration, here’s how you can do...

7 Mindfulness Activities To Stay Calm

Mindfulness meditation isn’t as hard as it sounds! We show you 7 simple ways to make it a part of your daily routine so you can keep stress at bay.

Eye Care Tips To Fight Screen Fatigue

With endless computer hours at work, leisure time on our devices, and communication that demands even more screen time, going screen-free has become near impossible. So how do you ensure your eyes...

Don’t Let Your Liver Take A Hit During The Pandemic

The pandemic may be taxing your liver in ways you didn't realize – we show you 5 ways to keep up good liver health.

COVID-19 Vaccines and Immunity: Why One Shot Isn’t Enough

As many of us line up for our first and second COVID-19 shots in India, here's the science and regulations behind the two-shot vaccine. Why...

Prepping For Your COVID-19 Vaccine: 10 Dos and Don’ts

Scheduling your COVID-19 vaccination is the first step to getting protection against the virus. Now, take the right precautions before and after your shot for a safe and hassle-free vaccine experience.