Fizzy drinks, packaged fruit juices, sports drinks and even tea or coffee can be bad for your heart because of the copious amounts of sugar added to them. Most people would associate high amounts of sugar with diabetes and weight gain but not with heart problems. Added sugar in beverages is one of the biggest worries worldwide. Excessive sugar intake causes obesity, which then goes on to become the cause of type 2 diabetes.

One of the biggest sources of sugar consumption today is sugar-sweetened drinks. People tend to think of them as a lesser evil than sweet confectionary since they are fluids but studies have confirmed that regular consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks increases your chances of heart disease.

The most important thing you’ll read today is this – sugar (the kind you buy in grocery stores) contains NO nutrients. It also contains no protein, no healthy fats and no enzymes.

The human body was not made to deal with high quantities of sugar. When you convert your stomach into a dumping ground and the sugar starts to get processed, your liver is overwhelmed by it and stores it as fat.

Studies show that indulging in just two servings of sugary drinks per week was linked to being prone to heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Another study found that drinking even one serving per day was linked to high blood pressure.

To curb rising rates of health problems associated with sugar intake globally, the WHO has recommended that not more than ten percent of ‘free sugars’ be consumed as per daily energy intake.

Let’s face it. Addictions are hard to quit but with the right motivation and correct method, this can be achieved with time. Here are a few ways in which you can get over your sugar cravings.

Remember that your life is in your hands. So is your decision to say no to the things that can impair your wellbeing. Make a commitment to choose healthy options.

Diet Soda
They’re not much better than what you might be indulging in right now but at least they’re the lesser evil. Keep those numbers low however and try to remove it from your day altogether.

Alternatives to soda
A good way to remove the unhealthy is to bring on a healthy replacement.  This will seem difficult at first if you have been consuming them unabated but try to drink other things instead like fresh orange juice or lemonade.

Choose water
Nothing quenches your thirst like water. You might have noticed that even after drinking a fizzy drink, you get really thirsty. Opt for a cold glass of water. Nothing like it.

Make plain water fun
We’ve become so hooked to flavor in everything that we couldn’t just stop at water sometimes. Beat your soda craving by adding mint leaves and sliced lemons to cold water. The taste will take you by surprise!

A soda addiction is a really tough habit to break but with time and patience, is a definite possibility. The next time you reach for a can or glass of a sugary beverage, picture what it’s going to do to your heart, your brain, your entire body.

Make a commitment to taking back your life today and quit being a slave to addiction.


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