Even though it has been around for thousands of years, yoga has never gone out of style.
Instead, it is one of the best lifestyle choices one can make. Yoga is indeed synonymous with life itself, calming as well as invigorating. It is the gift you give yourself, of flexibility, muscle strengthening, of focus, of relaxation. At first, yoga appears to be a purely physical activity; people stretching and contorting their bodies into often mind-boggling postures. It seems extremely difficult and unattainable. But yoga is so much more – even performing the most basic asanas (positions; standing, seated etc) will awaken something within you, an energy that is at once, both active and tranquil.
Early mornings are preferred to start a yoga session when the mind and the environment are freshest. All you need is a mat, a towel (to wipe off any sweat) and a water bottle to rehydrate after.
Yoga is easy to get into and highly addictive because it stimulates both physically and mentally. It has many wonderful benefits that you will start to feel almost immediately like stress reduction and a sweeping feeling of wellness and calm. Research suggests that selective yoga postures may diminish back pain, improve functionality, aid in reducing anxiety, depression, and insomnia.
Here are some of the asanas that you can try as a beginner at home. It is best to consult your doctor before you start doing any form of physical activity if you have an existing medical

Marjariasana – Also known as the “cat stretch”, this pose improves the flexibility of the spine and strengthens your shoulders and wrists among other benefits.

Vrikshasana – “Vriksha” means “tree” and this posture makes your legs stronger, stretching your back and arms. It also improves balance.

Ustrasana – This “camel pose” is said to relieve lower backache, ease menstrual discomfort and strengthens the back and shoulders.

Paschimottanasana – Also called the “Seated Forward bend,” it stretches the lower back, the hamstrings, and the hips.

Ardha matsyendrasana – Known as the Sitting Half Spinal Twist, this posture improves spine flexibility.

Bhujangasana – This is also known as the “Cobra” pose. It tones the abdomen, is said to
improve blood circulation and strengthens the back and neck.

Dhanurasana – The dhanurasana is the “bow” pose. This can be slightly tricky for some people to do at first but is believed to have a lot of benefits including toning of leg and arm muscles, reducing stress, tiredness, menstrual cramps, and constipation.

People who practice yoga on a regular basis appear happier and seem to deal with stressful
situations in a more positive way. It is a lifestyle choice for millions of people across the globe in a bid to reduce the pressure of a chaotic life in a fast-paced world.

Take a shot at it on World Yoga Day and enjoy its many, many benefits to living your best life yet!


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