Diabetes is a chronic disorder that is directly associated with high blood sugar as well as fat and protein metabolism. It generally occurs when a person’s body does not secrete sufficient amounts of insulin.

Factors that lead to Diabetes include obesity and genetics. It is also worth noting that even though Type 2 Diabetes is most common among middle-aged people, sometimes children and teenagers may also develop Diabetes. Diabetes in children and teenagers is usually diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetes, which is considered more harmful than Type 2 Diabetes.

Even though Diabetes is an irreversible condition, there are certain practices, which, if followed religiously, can keep the ill effects of this disease at a minimum.

  1. Regular Check-ups: First of all, as soon as you are detected with Diabetes, your physician will ask you to go for regular check-ups. This is the preliminary preventive step that one needs to take keep their health on track.
  2. Quitting Tobacco and Alcohol: There is a higher chance of heart attack and stroke for people with Diabetes; hence it is mandatory to quit tobacco and alcohol if you’re diagnosed with Diabetes.
  3. Lowering your Stress: Stress is another factor that can get in your way while managing your health and lifestyle with Diabetes, so avoid stress as much as possible.
  4. Awareness of Symptoms: Those with Diabetes should watch out for symptoms such as sudden weight loss, constant thirst and a craving for sugar etc. and remain aware of the consequences that those symptoms might have on their overall health and Diabetes management.
  5. Avoiding Depression and Negativity: People with Diabetes tend to get depressed, which can be a crucial setback for lifestyle management. Keeping oneself away from all negativity and focussing on a high level of self-care are required to be able to live a better life despite the Diabetes diagnosis.
  6. Diet Planning: Chalking out a proper diet plan is an important part of Diabetes management. Remember that a diet doesn’t always mean “dieting”. Here, the term is used to imply a properly balanced intake of meals at regularly scheduled timings.Avoid junk food and go for better options like vegetables and fruits. Also, include food that contains omega 3 fatty acids and monounsaturated oils rather than any conventional products available in the market. Don’t force yourself to eat; rather make it a habit to eat healthy.
  7. Reducing weight/Avoiding Obesity: Diabetes is directly associated with obesity, it is therefore recommended that people suffering from Diabetes keep their weight in check.To regulate weight loss or gain, at least a minimal amount of physical activity is mandatory. It gives you energy, reduces stress, and also keeps your body weight balanced. Regular exercise, which can include at least 30 minutes of jogging would suffice.
  8. Preventing Diseases: Diabetics are more susceptible to other ailments like viral infections, fever or the common cold, and should take extra care to prevent infections. It is important not to self-medicate when you’re a Diabetic, please consult a physician for any health issues.
  9. Completing Prescriptions: As a Diabetic, it is important to follow through with prescriptions properly. Do not stop the prescribed medication even if you feel better. Whether the prescription is for Diabetes or for any ancillary health issues, seeing it through is of paramount importance for good health.
  10. Hygiene: If you are on insulin, keep hygiene in mind before injecting. Poor hygiene with regards to the injection area, the syringe, expiration of medication etc. can cause a lot of unwanted trouble.

Apart from these pointers, a few other things should also be kept in mind, always inform your family members about your condition so that they may be prepared to help you if the need arises. Even though it is you who is affected the most, your family and friends are affected too.

Most importantly, remember that Diabetes is just a condition that you need to take control of, without allowing it to control your life.


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