We all aim to look our best and feel good but that’s easier said than done! While crash diets and starvation techniques sound like the quick solution, it’s not the healthy option and you could end up doing more harm than good to yourself. Healthy weight loss needs a lot of patience, proper planning and truckloads of determination.

Staying hungry is not a good idea to lose weight. Instead, plan your meals carefully and choose an exercise regimen that’s right for you. Gradual and steady weight loss is said to be the best way to drop the extra kilos.

Let’s look at what your options are when it comes to weight loss.

Don’t skip breakfast
Experts have been saying this for years. Eat a good, balanced breakfast. Eating the right proportions at the right time in the morning can keep you going till your midday meal. A hungry man is an angry man, it is said. Start your day well, stay in good spirits. We have many healthy varieties when it comes to Indian breakfast options like dalia, vegetable upma, oats poha, sprouts salad, besan cheela, and idlis.

Eat dinner at the right time
When you get on a weight loss program, a good idea is to finish the last meal of the day an hour or two before you finally retire to bed. Also, a small snack after dinner ( not too much, though!) is considered to be alright as long as you stick to the calorie plan for the day.

Be mindful of liquid calories
People often believe that just because a food is in liquid form it has lesser calories. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Ice cream shakes, regular milkshakes, sweetened beverages like soft drinks (even tea and coffee) and bottled juice drinks could be sneaking in those calories without your notice. Go in for low-fat milk, vegetable juices and water with lemon pieces and mint leaves.

Eat more fruits and vegetables
Salads and fruit bowls are excellent options when you’re trying to avoid fatty foods and reduce your calorie consumption. Fill up your tummy with carrots, cucumbers, cauliflower, mushrooms and sweet potato. They’re good for you, providing vitamins, minerals, and fiber and they’ll curb cravings.

Burning calories with exercise
You’ll burn a lot of calories when you do cardio exercises. Start slow, do what feels comfortable for you and then increase the intensity. Two hundred minutes a week of medium intensity workouts is a good way to start. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, proceed with caution. Always keep your doctor informed about anything that could cause a strain.

There are several methods to lose weight but choose the healthy ones that keep the weight off. Don’t starve your body of the nutrients it needs. Hormonal imbalance, muscle loss and lowering your body’s metabolic rate can be disastrous outcomes for your poor choices.


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