If you turned thirty recently or a while back, it’s time to start taking health and wellness more seriously. As a woman, your system is undergoing gradual changes, starting to slow down during this time.
You might have spent your teenage years and perhaps all of your twenties in a very carefree manner, felt and appeared fine. But the third decade is a different matter altogether. If you aren’t used to eating healthy on a regular basis, exercising or staying active, getting adequate and restful sleep, you may have already started noticing the changes.

Experts recommend that you watch out for these signs and make necessary changes to get your life back on track.

  1. Slowing down of metabolism: Metabolism is the process by which your body takes the food and drink you consume and turns it into energy. Gender, age, and body composition are taken into account to determine your individual metabolism.
    The level of metabolism differs from person to person. You may have had no problems keeping the pounds off until some years ago but your thirties are going to throw in some surprises in this regard. You might notice that even though you eat the same amount of food, your body doesn’t respond like it used to.
    This is because of the way food starts to process in your body as time goes by. Since each woman’s composition is different, you need to pay attention to the things you eat, at what time and the intervals between each meal to figure out what works best in order for you to stay healthy.
  2. Obesity: A common problem that women face is putting on weight rapidly after a certain period of time. A lot of these unhealthy gains happen due to eating the wrong kinds of food – junk that is high in sodium, sugar, trans and saturated fats.
    We tend to opt for these sort of meals because they are easily accessible, available within a short period of time and are more appealing to our taste buds due to their flavors and additives.
    Living on a regular diet of junk food can put you at high risk for chronic conditions like high cholesterol and diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, the top killers. Experts recommend you take to eating more healthy foods in a bid to keep these illnesses at bay for as long as possible.
  3. Stress: This one truly is a lady killer. Whether you are a homemaker or a career woman, stress is constantly weighing you down. Raising a family, managing a household, taking care of kids and adults is a 24/7 job that has no designated break time.
    Going about your tasks, making sure everyone else is taken care of often leaves you feeling tired and stressed out. A bad situation becomes worse if you’ve got a regular job outside the home. Stress can hamper your body, mood, and behavior in ways such as headaches, sleep problems, anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed at times, overeating and angry outbursts. Managing it with relaxation methods like meditation and taking time out to socialize can all prove beneficial to your physical and mental well-being.
  4. Reproductive issues: Medical research proves that a woman’s fertility starts to decline in her 30s. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t give birth to a healthy child. Doing an individual case study with help from a gynaecologist can help you in this regard.
    Women are significantly more prone to health issues than men and the onset to occurs at an earlier age than that for men. Having such a lot to take on and manage on a day to day basis also means that more care is required to keep mind and body healthy.
    The third decade of a woman’s life can, therefore, be a life-changing experience if the correct decisions are made. Do add regular health checkups to your calendar to ensure that your system is in great condition.


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