5 Diet Hacks To Help You Lose Weight


Did you know weight loss is 75% food and 25% exercise? To fix your weight, you’ll need to first fix your relationship with food! 

Do it right and your sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels will improve too. You’ll also feel more energetic and have fewer health niggles, mood issues, and aches and pains. And like any good relationship, it gives you a glow – hello healthy skin and shiny hair! 

Fix Your Diet With These 5 Starter Steps

  1. Keep a food diary to take stock. Even those who think they are eating right often spot missteps when they track actual intake. 
  2. Practice mindfulness, taking a second before that first sip or bit to think about calories, sugar, and fat content. Do you really “need” what you’re having? 
  3. Keep an eye on snacks – this is where things often go south. One vada, dabeli, or samosa can ruin your efforts! 
  4. Stock up the right ingredients and cook ahead so you don’t order in last minute.
  5. Set goals for yourself. Draw up a food plan/menu for the week and make a list of:  
  • Taboo foods (deep fried pakoras, sugary colas) 
  • Indulgences you can have occasionally (homemade sweets, chaat),  
    Foods you can have in moderate amounts (meats, dairy, and healthy fats)
  • Foods you can eat in plenty (sabzis, fresh fruit) 

I’m ready to shed some kilos. Tell me more!


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