Discover The Best Time To Work Out: Weight Loss And More!


You can’t avoid working out if you want to be fit and healthy, but is there a “right time” to do it? In a word, yes. Bad news night owls, the rumors about morning workouts being great are true. Here’s why! 

7 Reasons Morning Workouts Pack More Punch

By switching to a morning workout regimen, you kickstart your day, get that circulation going, and rev up your metabolism early on. But hang on! There’s more. 

  1. Your body burns more fat when you work out early in the morning. That’s because your cortisol and growth hormone levels, key to your metabolism, are higher in the morning. If you exercise on an empty stomach, you could burn as much as 20% more fat. 
  2. Build more muscle courtesy that testosterone high your body has early in the morning. It’ll make your workout go further!
  3. If food is your Achilles heel, about 45 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise in the morning could be a lifesaver! Those who do morning workouts consume less calories throughout the day. 
  4. For those worried about hypertension, how’s this for a boost? Morning workouts may reduce your blood pressure by as much as 10% and help it stay down through the day. At night it could even dip further – by about 25%. An afternoon workout may not come with these perks. 
  5. Those who work out in the morning may be more active all day than those who work out at other times. 
  6. Bad habits come easy, the healthy ones not so much. Working out in the morning might make a healthy routine stick faster – health habit formation tends to be better in the morning. 
  7. Nothing kills motivation (to exercise or do anything else) like a mood slump, but the satisfaction of having a workout ticked off the list for the day early on can be a big plus.  

Reaching to set your alarm? Well done!

Not A Morning Person? Tips To Beat The Odds!

If you aren’t a morning person or tend to work late, getting up at the crack of dawn is impractical – and let’s face it, a lost cause! Here’s what you should do.

  • Find a time that works for you. It is better to work out at a time that fits into your routine comfortably than to try (and fail!) at an inconvenient morning fitness regimen. 
  • Just be sure never to skip your workout. Consistency is key.
  • If your evening workouts are meddling with your sleep, include a more mindful form of exercise like yoga which strengthens the body, improves heart health, and is also restful for the mind. 

I’m loving all this fitness info. Tell me more so I can amp up my workout routine!


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