The immune system is your body’s defense against potentially deadly germs, viruses, and organisms. It needs fuel to keep up the fight. Many factors are responsible for a well functioning immune system like getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, getting rid of stress and maintaining a healthy diet.

Some foods are said to help the immune system fight off infections better than others. Experts recommend that you get the essential amino acids, linoleic acid, folic acid, vitamins A, B6, B12, C, E, ZInc, Copper, Iron, and Selenium.

Below is a list of nutrient-rich foods from these categories that are good for your immune system.

Watermelon – A delicious summer fruit none can resist, it contains vitamin A and C and an antioxidant called lycopene, that may reduce the risks of cancer and other diseases. Aside from this, watermelon keeps you hydrated and is an excellent option if you’re trying to lose weight.

Spinach – Spinach is a ridiculously good food all by itself. Considered to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet, it contains high amounts of vitamins A, C and K, iron, manganese, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and folate. It’s also chock full of many antioxidants, which is said to boost the immune system’s fighting abilities.

Yogurt –  The body needs the good kind of bacteria in the gut to promote good digestion. Yogurt helps protect against indigestion, constipation, diarrhea and colon cancer among others, improving the immune system. Add it as a side to your meals, or eat it as a snack.

Broccoli – Another powerhouse you should add to your meals, Broccoli is high in Vitamins K, C, and B6, pantothenic acid, fiber, phosphorus, and manganese. It is best to consume it raw, but steaming is also okay. If your kids tend to push it around the plate (like most kids do!) turn to some interesting recipes that will make your kids dig in!

Garlic –  Just a single clove of garlic, has high concentrations of calcium, potassium and more than a hundred sulfuric compounds. It is powerful enough to remove all kinds of bacteria and infections. Raw garlic has the greatest benefits but proceeds with caution, it can cause a type of food poisoning.

Ginger –  We all expected ginger to be on this list since concoctions of it in tea, lozenges, and juice are known to improve colds and cough. Everyone turns to this root after getting sick since ginger is anti-bacterial and therefore helps the immune system. It is also helpful in controlling nausea, vomiting, and digestion.

Pomegranate juice – This fruit contains powerful antioxidants and a generous helping of vitamin C that can boost your immune system. Studies suggest that it may improve conditions of coronary heart disease, stop plaque buildup in blood vessels and may even slow down the growth of prostate cancer. Don’t let the time-consuming task of shelling them hold you back from getting the good stuff!

Who knew that everyday foods that we take for granted could be so powerful and so beneficial to our immune system! Some of these foods have been consumed for thousands of years and their advantages are legendary. Now that you have this knowledge, include these magic foods to your daily meals and give your immune system the boost it needs so that you have the best fighting chance possible.


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