Having a regular, healthy helping of fruits is extremely important for any kind of a dietary regimen, and a Diabetic diet doesn’t have to be an exception. The best way to determine if a fruit is good for a diabetic diet is to check its glycaemic index (GI)(1). Foods with low GI are known to help control blood sugar levels.

When choosing fruits to include in your diet pick ones which have a GI lower than 55. Here’s a list that will help you discover fruits for diabetics:

  1. Oranges: This easily available fruit contains phenolic acid, flavonols and flavanones which have great curative abilities. Citrus fruits like oranges can help restrict the movement of glucose through the liver and intestines.
  2. Grapes: This fruit contains a phytochemical called Resveratrol which can modulate blood glucose response by managing the secretion and use of insulin. They are available during winter and can be a great addition to your fruit diet.
  3. Pomegranates: Known to contain a powerful combination of antioxidants, pomegranates possess protective qualities to keep chronic diseases and free radicals away. Grab a handful whenever you feel hungry and get astounding benefits of the phytochemical compounds in these red rubies.
  4. Strawberries: This exotic fruit has a low-glycaemic index which means that its glucose is released slowly into the bloodstream. It helps you in your fight against growing weight since it enhances the body metabolism. It is known to enhance immunity and contains cancer-fighting abilities.
  5. Papaya: This fruit is known for its antioxidant properties and hence is quite popular amongst people with diabetes. Irregular blood sugar levels are a cause of nerve damage or heart ailments, and papaya can help maintain these levels. If your diet contains this fruit, it can stop cell damage and give you a long and disease-free life.
  6. Guava: Diabetics with a low-glycemic can snack on guavas without a worry. People with diabetes face constipation and the rich dietary fibre content of this fruit makes it an ideal addition to their diet. It can also reduce the possibilities of developing Type-2 diabetes.
  7. Watermelon: With high potassium content as its best quality, watermelon is a sensible addition to a diabetic’s food chart. It helps the kidney to function properly which stabilises blood uric acid. If you have diabetes, kidney damage is an imminent danger and watermelon can keep it at bay. Lycopene found in watermelon helps keep the nerve damage due to diabetes to a minimum.

Remember the following while enjoying the fruits mentioned above:

  • Eat raw fruits that are fresh, found locally and are in season
  • Do not eat fruits along with lunch or dinner. Use them as a snack between meals.
  • Always choose fruits with a low-glycaemic index
  • Fruit juices are mostly spiked with sugar so always eat fresh fruit. Also, fruits lose their natural fibre when squeezed into juices and hence should be avoided by people with diabetes.

Do not deprive yourself of fresh fruits because you follow a diabetic lifestyle. Avoid over-eating and try to eat a wide variety of fruits whenever they are available. Seasonal fruits that are available locally should be your first choice, so choose wisely.


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